Businesses that remanufacture lumber often rely on accumulated knowledge, experience and some gut feel to make wood processing decisions.  Optware Solutions offers technology that can leverage knowledge and experience to uncover opportunities to improve profits for companies that specialize in remanufacturing of wood for custom moldings, windows and doors.

Optware Enterprise can model your moulding and millwork business including lumber purchase options, manufacturing variables, processing costs, rip-line yields, chop-line yields, finger-joint yields, and blank assembly options.  A powerful optimizer methodically considers alternative operating strategies until the best possible operating plan is determined.

Lumber Selection is a key step in the process.  The JSS module selects the best units of lumber and the sequence in which they should be cut to fulfill a specific cutting order.  There are many different variables to consider.  Lumber jags can vary significantly in quality, grade, width and length.

The JSS module looks at the distribution of sizes in a cutting order and the distribution of sizes that have been achieved from past selections of similar lumber.  Based on this data, it will select the best lumber jags to fulfill the order.  This module determines a best match of lumber to the cutting order and will result in far less waste and a lower wood cost.

Cut Line Scheduling is the next step in the process.  The CLS module is designed to manage the assignment and sequencing of the actual parts list to the production line to be run through the mill.  This is a tool that is actively used by the machine operators to make live decisions as to which parts to schedule on the line.  CLS supplies the operator with the optimal new size to replace a size whose target quantity has been met.  The CLS recommendations take into account the specific rules and preferences that apply to your business.

BestBlock module is designed to reduce wood use by determining the best mix of parts (and how they are combined) into window and door blanks.  Optimized Construction recommendation can lead to changes in rip and chop strategies and the discovery of new block combinations to employ when blanks are assembled.  BestBlock considers thousands of variations, and takes into account variables such as wood quality, processing tolerances; and production requirements including ripping, chopping, finger jointing, surfacing, and gluing.

BestBlock includes an option generator.  The option generator creates new part configurations, utilizing the available block options and appropriate manufacturing specifications for a given window or door component.  This module allows planners to build on existing practices and strategies and facilitate the assembly of parts to find combinations that reduce wood use.  It can also be used to evaluate rip strategy.

There is never a good time to leave money on the table and in tough market times it is especially important to sweep the corners to find hidden profits.  Sometimes the best solution is not an obvious one.  Investing in a tool that makes processing decisions more precise, refined, and profitable is essential to maximizing profitability.  Optware Systems offer very high return on investment.  The tool can pay for itself in a matter of weeks.