Optware Solutions provides services to facilitate profit optimization and logistics management.
We offer services in the following areas:

Log Allocation 

Get the right log to the right mill at the right time.

Process Costing 

Optimize processes such as harvest, procurement, manufacturing processes, and markets.

Product Mix 

Discover what mix of components should be purchased and which products are most profitable to manufacture.


See how you can reduce the overall cost of transportation and get more out of your trucking investment.

Fiber Sourcing 

Let us help you address the procurement function of logs or other forms of fiber.


Simplify the process of managing standing inventory, trucking resources, weather, delivery requirements, harvest costs, and mill requirements.

Inventory Optimization 

Minimize the cost of procurement and inventory, yet still honor all system constraints.

Order Allocation 

Get the most out of your manufacturing resources and reduced freight cost by millions of dollars per year.


Plan energy management proactively and respond optimally to upset conditions such as equipment breakdowns.