The reality of increasing fuel prices coupled with a shrinking logging and trucking workforce, demands that the timber industry take advantage of technologies that allow managers to use transportation resources more effectively.

Optware RoadRunner is a transportation solution designed by Optware Solutions to maximize the use of your trucking resources. The system is designed to provide best possible routing and scheduling which includes consideration of back-hauls. The system generates a daily dispatch schedule for each truck in the fleet. The objective is to reduce overall cost of transportation and get more out of your trucking investment.

The truck routing and dispatch problem is complex. Optware RoadRunner can handle multiple harvest sites, multiple delivery points, multiple products (log species, chips, residuals), multiple truck and trailer configurations, and constraints around the workforce.

Once data is fed into Optware RoadRunner the optimizer uses a structured mathematical technique called linear-programming to systematically determine the best schedule. The solution offered by this technology is often much better than less comprehensive methods. Optimized schedules can reduce your costs by as much as 10% per year depending on the complexity of the business.