The personal computer has greatly increased accessibility to modeling technology. The size and sophistication of models have also increased over time. Systems are now a lot easier to use and the data management and integration capabilities are excellent. Systems are also less expensive to develop and maintain than they were a few years ago.

It usually takes three to six months to install the software. Custom applications can take longer. After the software is installed we work with the users to maximize the value from the tool.

Some people use the tool to facilitate annual budgeting process and to develop quarterly. Others use the system for tactical or operational decisions. Some clients run their Optware System to react to changes in the supply environment.

Optimization allows users to challenge traditional boundaries. Often in a business there are policies and politics that must be addressed. It is much easier to challenge traditions with the objective decision-making framework that Optware provides. We can quickly determine “what’s best” and the cost of policies that limit our operations.

The Optware System is focused on value rather than simply cost. Too often managers use measures to monitor business performance that are somewhat out of context. Profitability should be the focus!

Optimization can be a great catalyst for team building and rallying around a common objective. People are inspired when they understand how their individual role contributes to the overall result. It is also important to establish accountability for all information used in the system. The way to insure use of optimization models is to make it a part of your everyday business process.

That is difficult to say because to some degree optimization is a way of thinking. A lot of the value is derived from the inherent complexity of the business system. Business environments are dynamic and the “best” solution changes over time. History tells us that your profits can improve on the order of 1-5% of sales with the use of our technology.

It is important technology for the forest industry. It offers a huge return on a relatively modest investment. It is hard to imagine why anyone would not explore the opportunity to utilize this tool.