Profit Optimization modeling is a powerful tool for optimizing the deployment of resources in the forest products industry.  Many companies face complex decision environments coordinating sourcing of logs, manufacturing resources and market.  Managers must consider profit-sensitive questions related to efficiencies and costs.  Literally thousands of variables are in play within this business environment.

Progressive companies understand that a comprehensive modeling tool will allow a business to make much better decisions than simply cranking options through a spreadsheet.  The Optware System is designed to maximize profit subject to the business constraints, process flows, revenues and costs.  The central technology that drives the system is a powerful linear-programming-based optimizer.

Profit Optimization technology allows companies to treat dispersed operations as a single entity and to capture synergies across the business unit.  The tool provides our clients with much greater insight about their businesses and the impact of product mix and log sourcing on operations.  The results lead to an improved planning process and higher profits!

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The term “Optimize” is used often in the current business vocabulary.  Optware Solutions uses the term “Optimize” specifically in reference to finding the best possible solution to a business question.  “Best”, in this context, is the solution that leads to maximum profit or minimum cost.  We have developed a collection of modules to help managers proactively plan and schedule business activities.  Managers use our software like a compass to plot the course to maximum profit.

Optware software modules facilitate modeling of the forest industry business environment.  The scope can range from harvest planning, log allocation, manufacturing, market or a subset thereof such as transportation.  Our systems can be adapted to meet your specific needs.  Please review our Industry Applications to gain a better understanding of how our services are used.

Optware Solutions models your business by breaking it down into fundamental processes such as harvest, procurement, manufacturing processes, and markets.  We then create a mathematical model that represents the activities that take place in each process.  An appropriate data structure is created within the Optware System’s relational database to support the model.  User interfaces are integrated with the database to provide an easy-to-use tool.  In many cases, the Optware System is integrated with other client information systems such as:  transportation systems, order management systems, inventory systems, ERP systems and the like.

The Optware System uses dynamically-linked optimizers to solve the modeled business scenario.  Once the model is validated, it can be used for decision-making.  Optware Solutions uses Microsoft Office™ to present results to the users.  Users are also able to use ad hoc analytical tools to query System results.

There are many possible benefits associated with using Optware Technology.  Actual benefits vary depending on the scope and complexity of your application.  Following is a list:
  • Reduced fiber costs
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Improved truck utilization
  • Improved machine utilization
  • Improved recovery
  • Improved product mix
  • Reduced inventories
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced overtime
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved profits